Thyroid disease can hold your clients back. TSF products can help their thyroid so that you can help them feel better. 

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Dr. C here. Thanks for joining me in the webinars. I believe that you are in a unique position to make a big difference for thyroid patients. The data shows that medications rarely help, but the right lifestyle steps can.

You have the power to guide them to the right steps that can help them naturally reclaim their health.

I believe in what you can do and I want to help make it easier for you.

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  3. Track your client’s compliance. Those who follow your directions will get the best results! You’ll be able to help them be accountable to their vision of better health.

Support Materials include:

  • Presentation slides
  • Lab ordering guidelines
  • Symptom Surveys
  • Educational handouts
  • And more
  • You’ll have the materials to make the journey easy for them and give them peace of mind.

Bonus training will include follow up emails to help you get started, live case reviews, and product usage guidelines.

You won’t be in this alone. I’ll share my time and information to help you because I want to help more people recover and I believe that you and I can do more together than I can on my own.

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